Web Security From Amantechs

Automatic monitoring & removal systems work in tandem with the humans inside the Cyber Security Operations Center to make up the Amantechs Web security. stack that provides a comprehensive 24/7 anti-malware service that analyzes websites for malicious content and completely eliminates all threats when necessary.

one time remove malware
$2.99 /monthly
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  • Scan
    Manually, Upgrade anytime for protection
  • Virus removal
    1 time
    Traffic Filtering and block SPAM
  • Incident management
    Not included
Two times remove malware
$4.99 /monthly
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  • Scan
    Manually, Upgrade anytime for protection
  • Virus removal
    2 times
    Traffic Filtering and block SPAM
  • Incident management
    Not included
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Complete Protection
$10.99 /monthly
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  • Scan
    Automatic every 6 hours
  • Virus Removal
  • Incident management
  • Filter
    Multi security layer
On Demand Analysts
$25.99 /Monthly
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  • Scan
    Automatic every 4 hours
  • Firewall
    Expert security tuning
  • Incident Managment
  • CDN
    Secured CDN Included
Basic Starter Pro Premium

Fix or protect your website platform using AmanTechs web security solution

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Why get Web security from Amantechs?

Since online threats are profuse, you're probably next...
All you need is a security system and people in place to continually monitor, detect, neutralize and remediate all threats. Sounds expensive, right? Well typically, yes! . Luckily, Amantechs finally figured out a way to leverage its technology, intelligence and expertise in the cyber security space to solve this problem with an extremely affordable comprehensive cloud-based security platform to identify, isolate, remediate and recover from threats.

We are always here
Quick Response

The most important thing for those who are being attacked or hacked is a quick response to develop the right solutions - here at AmanTechs you will always find us around the clock with you and all your means of communication.

Unrivaled accuracy

In Amantechs - our engineers from the first moment discover the danger - analyze the gap and where the defect - put the root solution with precision not repeat the problem forever.

Enhance your security arsenal

Against more than 8 million malicious attackers software targeting and dumping websites from all kinds of traffic - Put all security tools of AmanTechs at your fingertips and at a nominal cost.

Compare All WAF
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Website Trust Seal
Malware Detection Every 6 hours Daily
Webpages Monitored Unlimited 20 page rules Unlimited (single website only)
Malware Removal Assistance Unlimited unlimited
Google Blacklist Monitoring & Removal
Brand Reputation Management
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DDoS Protection

Most Powerful DDoS Protection

Scalable technique to mitigate & protect towards allotted Denial of service Attack Learn more

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Multi-Layer DDoS Prevention

AmanTechs Security plans Pro & Premium will provide maximum protection against DDoS threats by fully protecting Layers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. With Starter & Pro, Layer 7 is protected.

Learn more about Security layers
DDoS Multi-Layers

Always DDoS Protection

Always On & On-Demand Web Security

AmanTechs Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides 24/7 real-time security monitoring, cutting edge threat detection, cyber forensics and immediate incident management.

About SIEM