General Terms And Conditions
General Terms [v2 04/2018]

[1] These terms apply to all services provided by AmanTechs and to all its customers.

First of all, we thank you for choosing to be your partner for success and a service provider able to meet the needs of your site or your project on the Internet - we promise to do our best in providing the best service possible always and never.

[a] It is prohibited to use any of AmanTex's services in any illegal acts and is prohibited by international laws, including but not limited to material relating to intellectual property rights and the like. However, you are the true owner of the content and able to provide documents proving your ownership when requested.

[b] The use of any of AmanTechs services is prohibited in any actions related to state policies.

[c] The use of any of AmanTechs services is prohibited in any actions related to state policies.

[d] It is prohibited to use any of Amantechs services in any acts of sabotage targeting third parties, whether individuals, sites, servers or entities on the real world or on the Internet - but not limited to - online attack operations - the sending of spam or loaded with malicious files - operations Defamation of others and damage to them - fraud of various kinds and methods.

Servers and Hosting Policies [v2 09/2018]

[1] Dedicated / Cloud/ VPS / Shared Hosting Agreement

AmanTechs is keen to provide the latest and best hardware for dedicated servers - but AmanTechs does not provide any guarantees on the failure of the hardware beyond its control and although rare, but AmanTechs is not responsible for any malfunctions related to any piece of hardware parts - and at the same time AmanTechs replaces any hardware with a new one in its failure without any cost to the customer.

AmanTechs is keen to provide the highest availability by 99.9% without interruption or breakdowns - but AmanTechs does not provide guarantees for the stability of the service in the event of disasters that may affect the host countries of the data centers, including but not limited to - storms, hurricanes, fires and others causing interruption in Electricity and communications services.

AmanTechs leased servers are strictly prohibited to customers in any acts of sabotage or harmful to third parties in all its methods and types. Amantechs has the right to stop the service immediately without notice to the customer and the customer is not entitled to request any compensation.

[2] Support and Monitoring Servers

AmanTechs provides the highest level of technical support service to customers subscribed to the technical support service only.Technical support service is a service independent of the server rental of all kinds and when the customer subscribes to the technical support service of a server, AmanTechs keeps the root data or the main user of the system the technical support service period, If the customer requests the data, this is the disclaimer of Amantechs of the management, protection and stability of the client's server and the responsibility of the client alone.

Security services provided by AmanTechs are paid services that ensure full and high level of protection for the client, but the customer bears any damages resulting from the leakage of data on his part and the client bears all responsibilities and results in this case

Payment and Refund Policy [v3 01/2018]

Accepted Payment Methods

AmanTechs provides online payment via credit cards of all kinds and also provides payment via paypal - payoneer - Western Union - AmanTechs provides payment via Vodafone Cash or postal transfer to customers of the Arab Republic of Egypt is not considered any payment made outside the system Within the Client's own account - the responsibility for maintaining the Customer's access data for AmanTechs's security is the sole responsibility of the Client.

In case of online payment please note that the payment confirmation process may be delayed for some time due to the policies of banks in different countries and also for security verification to ensure the correctness and integrity of the data and accounts of the client - and therefore may be delayed until the delivery of the service is complete. But in general, online payments are the fastest.

When paying through Vodafone Cash, payment will only be made to the number that will be reported to the customer through the technical support tickets.

In case of postal transfer, the customer requests the transferee's data through a technical support ticket.

Refund Policy

The customer is not entitled to request a refund in all AmanTechs services, especially hosting services, dedicated, virtual or cloud servers - security services, backup services and email address reservation services.All services are effective once the customer requests the service and pays the cost. The development and design service is exempted and a refund is requested provided that the implementation has not already commenced and the refund is accepted after deducting administrative and re-transfer expenses.